James 5:19-20 – “Dealing with Wandering”

BA Glass and Gary Matteri lead us in worship and teaching this week. We continue in James and look at how to encourage and assist others in following Christ.


James 5:13-18 – “Dealing with Prayer”

This week, Blake leads us in worship and Brother Danny teaches us about prayer. He guides us through our passage in James, examples in the life of Elijah, and examples in Jesus’s life to show us how to pray and the importance of it. Prayer is essential for the believer and the Church!



S – James 5:12 “Dealing with Truthfulness”

Pastor Jeff Gross leads us through James 5:12 and having a “tight rein” on our tongue. James is wisdom literature.  It is called the Proverbs of the New Testament.  The book of James is practical but also probing & stinging at times.  Like Proverbs, it mentions the “tongue,” “mouth,” “lips” or “words“ many times.  In fact, 3 of the 5 chapters in James has something to say about what we say.



James 5:12 “Dealing with Truthfulness”

Brother Jim leads us through James 5:12 and several other scriptures to look at examples of swearing oaths by others and if we should follow suit and swear oaths in our own lives. Let us be a trustworthy people!


James 5:1-11 – “Dealing with Endurance”

Pastor Jeff teaches us to have endurance in the waiting for our Savior to return.


James 5:1-11 “Dealing with Endurance”

Blake leads us in looking forward to our Savior’s return and being patient in our waiting. He gives us a look at what waiting looked like in several Old Testament passages and how those stories translate into waiting for Jesus.


James 4:13-17 “Dealing with Dependency”

James 4:1-12 “Dealing with Selfishness”

Wes lead us in teaching about the selfish culture during the hellenistic period. The thinking at the time was to pursue pleasure (hedonism) and to seek things for your own joy above all else. Hear how he relates that to what James told us about selfishness.

James 3:13-18 “Dealing with Wisdom

Jeff was under weather and couldn’t make it to teach this Sunday, so we took this opportunity to read through the scheduled verses and discuss what James was teaching us about wisdom! 

James 3:1-12 “Dealing with the Tongue”

Brother Danny led us in teaching about the responsibility of teachers and our words and how we use them for good or for bad. He encouraged us to speak wisely because of the power and impact of our words. We have the ability to build someone up and change their day for the better or to bring them down and hurt them just by a few words. Let us speak love and life, be wise with our speech, and be witnesses to the God we serve by the words we use.